To Catch A Cable Thief - Cablevision Systems Corp.


Cablevision Systems Corp. is squeezing several messages into a 30-second animated spot not only aimed at thwarting cable piracy and encouraging neighbors to turn in people that steal cable, but touting its Optimum-branded family of services as well. “Some people will do just about anything for free cable … What they just don’t get is theft of cable service is a crime and can affect picture quality and can increase rates of everyone in the neighborhood,” Cablevision says in the voiceover.

Frame descriptions: (1) A man buys an illegal decoder from the trunk of a dealer’s car; (2) The cable thief tries to tap into a cable line on a utility pole after the illegal decoder fails; (3) A neighbor turns in the cable crook when his line tampering hurts her signal; (4) The convict-turned-cable-convert, brandishing bandages after falling off the utility pole, calls the MSO to get its Optimum cable services.