CBS College Sports Upgrades To Cablevision' Digital Cable Package

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CBS College Sports Network has widened its distribution base with Cablevision.
The network is now part of Cablevision's iO TV digital cable service, located on channel 143 in standard-definition and channel 793 in high-definition. CBS College had been part of the predominant New York cable operator's Sports Pak. Deal terms were not disclosed.
CBS College Sports officials said that with the additional Cablevision carriage the network now counts some 38 million subscribers nationally and is available to more than 89 million households.
Over the past 12 months, CBS College Sports has seen its distribution base grow 38% as it has added 10.4 million additional subscribers, according to Nielsen data. It has also launched a free preview period that will bring into 56 million homes through April 5, the date of the Men's Division I Basketball Championship game.
"CBS College Sports Network is a top destination for college sports fans with compelling live game action and programming showcasing a variety of sports and teams from across the college landscape," said Cablevision senior vice president of product management John Trierweiler in a statement. "We are pleased to include it in our iO TV digital cable service in addition to its continued availability as part of our iO Sports Pak."
"Increasing our visibility and reach on Cablevision allows us to further serve a huge and devoted college sports fan base and grow the Network's awareness in the country's biggest market," said Steve Herbst, executive vice president and general manager, CBS College Sports Network. "The timing is great for Cablevision customers, who will now have access to CBS College Sports Network's in-depth ‘March Madness' programming."