CBS to Debut Show on TiVo


The debut of new CBS fall series The Class will go where no other show has gone before -- directly to TiVo’s digital-video-recorder service.

The broadcast network announced Tuesday that for the first time, it will launch a series debut not on the network, but via the TiVo service.

TiVo’s 4.4 million subscribers will be able to view The Class one week before it premieres Sept. 18 on CBS. They will also be able to see preview clips and footage from new shows Jericho, Smith and Shark.

“CBS’ partnership with TiVo is a creative new way to use DVR technology to help drive television-network viewing,” said George Schweitzer, president of CBS’ marketing group.

The goal was to debut the series -- about a group of young adults who met in grade school -- “to a broad, diversified, receptive audience that has the ability to start trends and generate buzz, which is exactly what TiVo offers,” he added.