CBS Eye Looks at Millennial Legends

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New York -- Starting in November, CBS Eye on People plans a
monthly series of 10 specials under the banner Legends, Icons and Superstars of the
20th Century

A total of 50 people in 10 categories have been chosen for
inclusion by producer David Wolper and Time Inc. editors.

Wolper and Richard Stolley, senior editorial advisor at
Time Inc., initially submitted 300 names to a panel of editors from all of the Time Inc.
magazines -- except Time, Stolley said, since that magazine is involved in a
separate, but similar, package of millennium specials with the CBS television network.

Stolley said the editors trimmed the list to 100, and
Wolper then cut it to 50 in order to be able to tell five "compelling stories"
per hour that'll draw "a tear, goose bumps or a 'wow'" from

Among those to be profiled: Lucille Ball (TV); Muhammad Ali
and Babe Ruth (sports); Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra (music); and Walt
Disney and Steven Spielberg (movies).