CBS: No Rush Onto Digital Platforms


CBS sees no great rush to put its shows on such new digital platforms as Google TV or Netflix.

"People want our content. We're going to be paid. We're going to take our time making the right decision," CEO Les Moonves said at sthe 38th annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York Tuesday.
Moonves called CBS's content its "crown jewels," recounting the millions CBS makes from advertisers when programs it produces run on its broadcast networks, and the $4 million or so per episodes a program like NCIS Los Angeles millions more it makes when it is sold into syndication.
"We're saying all these new platforms are great," he said. Maybe we haven't jumped in as much as our competitors. Maybe because we're doing better in the ratings. . . . They'll take our content later. There's no need to rush in."
Moonves said people at his interactive division are talking to all of the new platofmr companies on a daily basis.
Some people see Netflix as the anti-Christ, others look at ehm as the second coming. We're somewhere in the middle.," he said.