CBS Shifts Hoops to ESPN Again


For the second straight afternoon, CBS has switched its early-round NCAA
college-basketball coverage to ESPN, but not until more than one hour after
coverage began at noon EST.

ESPN -- which was in the midst of running a Ladies Professional Golf
Association tournament live -- picked up CBS' coverage on the fly after 1:05
p.m. EST and transferred the golf to sister channel ESPN2.

One of ESPN's on-camera announcers at the LPGA event alerted viewers to the
quick shift one minute or so before it happened.

CBS launched its second day of NCAA Tournament coverage on time, even though
ABC, NBC and cable news and information channels were providing live reports
from Iraq at noon amid word from the Pentagon that coalition military forces
would spring the much-anticipated "shock and awe" air attack on Baghdad.

But CBS went back to news after live accounts of the attack