CBS Warns of Blackout as Dish Deadline Nears

Message airs during ’60 Minutes’

CBS is warning viewers that if they are Dish Network subscribers, they could lose access to the network in the coming days.

The message, airing Sunday night during60 Minutesin primetime, is the result of carriage deal negotiations between CBS and Dish.

It was unclear when the current CBS-Dish agreement expires, but a source familiar with the situation said that a blackout was unlikely until at least Tuesday (November 23).

“Even as more and more Dish customers turn to digital antennas for free access to their local channels, we recognize that many continue to rely on their pay-TV package to get these stations. For those customers, we are actively working to reach a fair deal before the contract expires knowing that only CBS can force a blackout of its channels," Dish said in a statement.  

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