CE Disconnect: 47% of IP-Capable Home Devices Are Connected to Broadband

Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players Are the Least Connected Product Groups, Study Finds
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Makers of Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, smart TVs and streaming media devices are banking on users to connect to revenue-generating services over broadband, but less than half of those devices are actually tapped into the Internet, The NPD Group revealed in its latest a Connected Home report.

Just 47% of those devices are taking advantage of their online capabilities, though some devices are more often connected to broadband than others. According to NPD’s survey of 4,000 U.S. consumers, streaming media players are connected at the highest rate, followed by game consoles, Blu-ray players and IP-capable TVs.

Such studies could establish a pecking order for pay-TV operators as they determine which connected device categories to focus on as they develop apps that stream their TV Everywhere content and live TV lineups. Based on current connectivity trends, streaming media players are expected to stay on a hot streak.

“While there are more Blu-ray disc players installed and connected to the Internet than streaming media players such as Apple TV and Roku, we expect that to change in the next year,” said John Buffone, director, devices, NPD Connected Intelligence, in a statement. “Streaming media players will exceed the number of installed and Internet connected Blu-ray players in 2014.”

The study also found that 40% of TVs connected to the Internet either through the TV itself or via a separate device are used to stream Netflix content, while 17 percent tap into YouTube, and just 11 percent head to Hulu.