CEA Renews CRT Re-Use Challenge - Multichannel

CEA Renews CRT Re-Use Challenge

Contest Seeks Best Solution for Repurposing Leaded Glass from Old TVs, Monitors
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WASHINGTON — The Consumer Electronics Association and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has announced a second CRT Glass re-use challenge.

 The idea is to find an environmentally friendly use for all the glass from cathode ray tube TV's and monitors being replaced by plasma and LDC and LED screens.

Among the winners in the first challenge two years ago was the idea of combining the leaded CRT glass with cement to create tiles and bricks that could be used where lead shielding is needed, such as in X-ray rooms. But the need for new solutions is growing, since what had been the most popular re-use — into new CRTs — is declining, thanks to the new monitor technologies.

 "[M]ore than 2 billion pounds or 1,000 tons, of legacy CRT TVs and monitors are expected to enter the recycling stream," the CEA said in announcing the new challenge. "And with demand for old CRT glass to make new CRT glass waning, there is an increased need for new environmentally-sound, economically sustainable uses for this material."

 The new challenge offers $10,000 for the best new idea. Submissions are due by June 30 and can be sent to innocentive.com/ar/challenge/9933317.