CEA Survey Says: Broadcast, Not Streaming, Super Bowl Champ

Large Majority of Viewers with Free Online Option Plan to Watch Game on Free TV
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NBC's free stream notwithstanding, broadcast TV remains the Super Bowl venue of choice for those without a ticket to the Big Game.

According to a Consumer Electronics Association survey of the 79% of only adults who say they plan to watch the game, 71% say they will watch it live on TV, while only 5% say they will watch live online--NBC will stream the game live for free online.

Between those two percentages are a variety of viewing options for following the game: 8% say they will watch clips or highlights on broadcast TV; another 8% will follow via social media posts--Twitter, Facebook; 6% will watch online clips; 5% will follow news about the game online; 5% will DVR it for later viewing.

And among that same group, watching the game actually tops watching the ads: 46% say their favorite part of the game is, well the game; 36% favor the commercials; 9% say their favorite part of the game is food; 8% says it is the halftime show and the camaraderie of watching with friends.