Celebrating 25 Years Of 'Multichannel News’


Dear Colleagues,

If there’s one consistent theme that has typified the multichannel business over the years, it’s been the industry’s extraordinary attraction to new horizons and dynamic change. As Multichannel News celebrates its silver anniversary, we are excited and invigorated by the prospects of chronicling new developments that will change the lives of consumers and those of us involved in the media business.

Audiences have more ways of informing and entertaining themselves than ever before. And the blurring of the lines between companies that target cable, satellite, telephone and online revenue streams provides us with a clear certainty: there will be an unending wealth of news to report to you, our readers, in the months and years to come.

Multichannel News’s great success has come from the dynamic industry we’ve covered — from the great risk-taking entrepreneurs that built this industry to today’s major media players that are constantly balancing their need to maintain sophisticated integrated operations with the desire to provide community services.

As the leading news and information provider in the cable industry, we take very seriously our commitment to provide insightful, unbiased reportage that will give executives crucial perspective as they chart the course for both their organizations and their careers.

We’ve benefited, over the last 15 years, from the brilliant editorial leadership of Marianne Paskowski, and from the leadership of Paul Maxwell and Tom Southwick in earlier eras. Marianne’s experienced and well-connected team has built a trusted, authoritative and credible foundation for the publication’s next 25 years, if not much longer.

Indeed, our history is rich with executives that have served the industry with great leadership and deep partnerships. The best and brightest include Joel Berger and the long and remarkable leadership of Bill McGorry and Larry Oliver. What’s more, Larry Dunn’s 14-year role of working with advertisers has been a significant contribution to our success.

The pride we take in our own work is surpassed only by the pride we take in covering a most remarkable industry.

Best Regards,

Chuck Bolkcom,

Reed Television Group Publisher