Celebrating Cable's Achieving Women


Welcome to the fifth annual Wonder Women report.

Now in its second turn with Multichannel News, following three iterations with former sister publication Cablevision, this year's edition shares a goal set forth by its predecessors: To celebrate the professional achievements of a group of women who are leaving their mark on and around the cable industry. They will be honored at the Wonder Women luncheon on May 1 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York.

As women's roles and contributions have expanded, we felt obliged to increase our list of Wonder Women to a baker's dozen, from 10 in 2002. We have also expanded our Women to Watch and On-Air Wonders lists.

This year's Wonder Women honorees reflect a wide array of disciplines - from management, programming, marketing and affiliate relations to deal-making, human resources, research and diversity efforts - as well as the talents they bring to their jobs on a daily basis.

is energizing NAMIC's diversity initiatives, while Susan
juggles client concerns along with expanding Nielsen Media Research's technology base.

is melding her own passions as she creates and manages programs aimed
at buttressing Court TV's subscriber rolls and affiliate ties. Nickelodeon
remains in good hands with Cyma

, who continues to build its wide reach
with kids through new platforms. Laureen
is committed to building distribution and raising the profile at National Geographic Channel.

is a pioneer of the reality genre that's now sweeping
television. Linda
continues her work in developing and supervising a roster of noteworthy and distinct original animated characters and series at Cartoon Network.

In the premium sector, Showtime veteran Dominique

is extending her development talents to series, while newcomer Danielle
fortifies the network's lineup with a limited series this summer and
other projects. They are competing against Home Box Office, whose Carolyn
oversees a roster of shows that are the measuring stick for many in television.

Among operators, Amy
is cutting deals to launch new networks for Comcast Corp. while Pam
Euler Halling

leads Insight Communications
Co.'s initiatives in marketing, advertising and programming. For her part, Mae
remains driven to develop good people across various disciplines for Cox Communications Inc.

Our Women
to Watch
recipients are engaged in an ever-widening array of arenas, with responsibilities that cover executive management, programming, finance, broadband, technology, marketing, digital cable and news. We will be keeping our eye on their respective courses throughout 2003 and beyond -and you should, too.

Women are also doing great work in front of the camera,
as anyone who has witnessed are On-Air
can attest. Their on-screen provinces extend to performances in dramas and comedies, news reporting and anchor roles, hosting duties and sports.

Although these women - and many others - make cable a better industry every day, gaps must still be bridged in the workplace. Despite their various aptitudes and accomplishments, female heads still hit the glass ceiling, while other jobs remain out of women's grasp, based on their gender or family obligations.

With equality as its goal, the Women in Cable & Telecommunications Foundation last fall introduced its 'PAR Initiative.' The acronym stands for three 'accepted standards' critical to creating organizational cultures in which women can thrive: Pay equity, advancement opportunities and resources for family support.

Clearly, these standards are worth striving for. As you read the following pages, think about women in your organization who are making a difference. Let executives and organizations like WICT know about what they're doing. We would appreciate it if you would tell us, too.

Workplace change must continue to accelerate over time - and there is no time like the present.