CenturyTel Launches Akimbo Broadband VOD Service


CenturyTel has inked a distribution agreement with Akimbo Systems to offer 8,000 on-demand titles to the phone company’s high-speed Internet customers.

Monroe, La.-based CenturyTel is the first customer to use Akimbo’s Web-based solution for navigating and accessing VOD content.

Akimbo earlier this year dropped its Internet-connected set-top box, developed in conjunction with Thomson, to focus entirely on services and software. 

CenturyTel customers who access the Akimbo VOD service can choose to watch content using a progressive download or download the title to their PC for offline viewing during the rental period with downloads priced starting at 99 cents per rental. As of Sept. 30, CenturyTel provided high-speed Internet connections to more than 530,000 subscribers.

“This distribution agreement is a perfect example of the kind of content services we can provide to companies seeking to offer their customers these entertainment options,” Akimbo CEO Tom Frank said.

Akimbo’s 300 content partners include the National Hockey League and the BBC.