CES 2016: 4C Product Enables Self-Serve Ad Syncing

Portal Enables Programmatic Buys When Targeted Content Airs

Data science and media-technology company 4C has turned syncing digital ads to TV programming and commercials into a do-it-yourself proposition.

4C is introducing its TV Synced Ads product with a self-service portal Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The product lets clients buy and run web banners, online video, search and social ads programmatically within seconds of detecting that a specific event, commercial or program is appearing on TV.

Being a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering differentiates 4C from other companies that sync digital ads to TV, with control of the data, configuring the settings and generally pushing all the buttons, according to Aaron Goldman, CMO of 4C.

“What we’ve done is we codified it all. You can log in yourself, you can pick the shows you want, you can pick the ads you want to synch to,” Goldman said. Clients can also pick other targeting criteria and choose where they want their digital ads to run once they’re triggered by the appearance of a TV show or commercial.

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