CES 2017: Sling TV Launches Certification Program

AirTV Player, Xiaomi Mi Box first to gain ‘Optimized for Sling TV’ designation
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Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT TV service for cord-cutters, has launched a device certification program called “Optimized for Sling TV” that includes “key criteria” such as over-the-air content integration, the integration of a Sling TV button, and auto-launch capabilities.

Sling TV said the program is launching with support for two Android TV-powered streaming platforms -- EchoStar’s new AirTV Player and Xiaomi’s recently launched Mi Box. Those products have the green light to use the “Optimized for Sling TV” logo on future packaging and will also be recognized as such on the Sling TV web site.

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Here’s a brief run-down of the key criteria tied to Sling TV’s new program:

- Auto-launch: The device automatically launches into Sling TV when turned on.

- Pre-loaded App: Manufacturer pre-loads Sling TV on the device in a “prominent location.”

- Sling TV Button: The device remote includes a Sling TV button, allowing customers to access their content in a single step.

-Easy Access: The Sling TV app is presented as the default live TV app or has prominent placement and is easily accessible in the app store.

-TV Content Integration: Live programming from Sling TV is included in the device’s top content section for one-click access.

-Integrated Over-The-Air Content: The device contains over-the-air (OTA) tuners that support integration of OTA content directly into the Sling TV guide.

-Wi-Fi Optimization: The device enables Wi-Fi in the home

-Included in Device Setup: Sling TV is included in the out-of-box set-up for the device.

-Fast Performance: The device quickly launches Sling TV and loads content right away.

-Latest Sling TV Version: The device must support the most updated build of Sling TV, giving customers access to the latest features.

Sling TV said its new cert program can accommodate a wide range of platform configurations, and that it expects to add more partners to the program in the coming months. Other devices that currently support Sling TV include Apple TV, Roku players and Roku TVs, Amazon Fire TV boxes and sticks, Xbox One consoles, and the Google Chromecast adapter, among others.

“We have set a high standard with our device partners to continually improve Sling TV’s performance,” Ben Weinberger, chief product officer of Sling TV, said in a statement. “The ‘Optimized for Sling TV’ program is designed to elevate that standard and highlight our dedication to our device partners, including Xiaomi and AirTV, to develop new paths for improving Sling TV.”