CES: LG, Samsung, Sony And Vizio On Board With Google TV 2.0

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Google said it has lined up LG Electronics in addition to existing partners Samsung Electronics, Sony and Vizio, which have committed to developing Google TV-based products, as the search giant tries to reignite interest in its Web-centric TV strategy leading into next week's Consumer Electronics Show.

The new (and renewed) partnerships were announced in a blog posting Thursday by Mickey Kim, head of Google TV partnerships.

Google's Act 2 in the connected-TV space comes after the first iteration of Google TV failed to take off.

The platform's two initial partners, Sony and Logitech International, experienced poor sales of products they launched in late 2010. Logitech has said it has no plans to deliver another Google TV-based device after losing $100 million on the effort.


In October 2011, Google launched a 2.0 version of the Web-based middleware, designed to be more user-friendly and provide an easier way for Android developers to publish apps to Google TV.

Google now has more than 150 apps built specifically for Google TV with "thousands more Android apps from the mobile world available to deepen your living room TV experience," Kim wrote.

At CES, according to Kim, LG will show a new line of TVs powered by Google TV running on its own L9 chipset, and Sony will unveil new Google TV-powered devices for the U.S. and detail plans to offer products in several other countries later in 2012.

Vizio will hold "private demos" at CES of its new line of Google TV products. Samsung, meanwhile, will "bring Google-TV powered Samsung devices to market in 2012," Kim said.

In addition, Google has added two chip makers -- Marvell and Taiwan-based MediaTek -- that are developing processors for the Google TV platform. Those deals come after Intel, previously a marquee Google TV partner, said last year it was discontinuing efforts to produce chips for the software.

"As we've said before, Google TV is about bringing new entertainment and innovation from the Web to TV and our team along with our partners are pleased to bring more Google TV powered products to more people, across more devices in more countries in 2012," Kim said in the blog post.