CES: MoCA 2.0 Field Tests Pump Out 400 Mbps-Plus

Net Throughput Reached In 90% Of Coaxial Paths
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The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) has released preliminary results of ongoing MoCA 2.0 field trials showing that the technology, used in gateways, set-tops and whole-home DVRs and to extend in-home WiFi connectivity, is hitting net throughput of 400 Mbps or greater in 90% of all coax “paths,” with net throughputs of greater than 350 Mbps seen in 95% of paths.

The field tests, which are expected to be completed in March, showed that the 2.0 version of MoCA can reliably reach the platform’s advertised net/MAC throughputs.

MoCA, which announced the results in tandem with this week’s International CES, said the findings were based on 108 homes tested in the U.S. using laptop-based application test kits running in tandem with MoCA 2.0-certified devices from Broadcom and Entropic Communications. The test app created MoCA 2.0 networks at frequencies from 500 MHz to 1.6 GHz. 

MoCA emphasized that no special conditions were required for homes to participate in the field trial, noting that homes were not screened or chosen based on construction materials, age or condition of wiring, or type of pay TV service.

The objective, the organization noted, was to collect results from a diversity of real-world, coax-based installations.

“Service providers require validation of a technology’s characteristics and capabilities for them to seriously consider adoption and integration into their network and more importantly, customer’s homes,” Charles Cerino, MoCA’s president, said in a statement. “Our rigorous examination of MoCA 2.0 in the lab and in the field proves that our technology standard is fast and reliable.”

MoCA said it intends to conduct 2.0 tests outside the U.S. as well.

As an upgrade of MoCA 1.1, the 2.0 version is designed to support usable throughputs of more than 400 Mbps in “Basic” mode and 500 Mbps in a “Turbo” point-to-point setting when connected devices are operating in the baseline mode and utilizing a single channel. MoCA 2.0 also supports an “Enhanced” mode that uses channel bonding to produce throughputs of between 800 Mbps to 1 Gbps. 

Last January, MoCA said its certification program for products implementing MoCA 2.0 had become available to all members. MoCA 2.0 was ratified by the organization in mid-2010. A list of MoCA 2.0-certified products is available here

The latest field trail was the second conducted by MoCA. In 2005, the Alliance conducted tests of MoCA 1.0 in 250 homes throughout the U.S., verifying verified throughputs of better than 100 Mbps in 97% percent of all outlets.