Charter, Digeo Let the Games Channel Begin


Digeo Inc. and Charter Communications Inc. are hitting 'play' on a new channel featuring interactive games.

Called i-Games, the channel addition to Digeo's i-Channel interactive lineup
lets viewers play games using their remote control as the joystick.

Offered on Channel 960, i-Games debuted a few weeks ago to more than 650,000
charter digital cable customers.

Initially, the channel features two games co-developed with interactive TV
provider Two Way TV US.

'Picnic Antics' is a puzzle game that requires players to fend off ants
invading a picnic.

'Deal With It' offers a poker board and challenges players to build a winning
hand before time runs out.

Eventually, the channel will add strategy, trivia and board games, as well as
a tally of local and national high scorers.

So far, the channel has attracted nearly two million screen views, making up
about 30 percent of the total i-Channel usage.

'We're excited to extend the functionality of the Charter I-Channels beyond
information on-demand into new application areas such as games,' said Steve
Silva, Charter's executive vice president and chief technology officer, in a