Charter Giveaways Boost Web


Charter Communications' use of giveaways, such as September's laptop-a-day offering, has increased Web traffic 87% when compared year over year, officials said.

Charter's Web site commonly experienced 3 million to 3.5 million visitors a month; the growth is on top of that traditional rate, according to Jim Gallagher, director of online e-commerce. The laptop giveaway attracted 5% more traffic in September than in previous Septembers.

Response to the giveaways has been enhanced by paying attention to the relevancy of the premium offer, added senior vice president of consumer marketing Barbara Hedges,. For instance, the laptop giveaway occurred during back-to-school time. A gas card giveaway this summer corresponded with family vacation time, she added.

Response to the offer is also boosted by the fact Charter established a presence on the Facebook and MySpace social-networking Web sites at the beginning of the year. Those sites, as well as information seeded into blogs, are helping to get out word of Charter's premium campaigns.

The operator will continue the strategy through the end of the year, at least. Subscribers can win a car with the current offer and in November, an Xbox a day is the giveaway.