Charter Launches All-Digital Network


Charter Communications Inc. launched the country’s first all-digital cable network Friday to its subscribers in Long Beach and Signal Hill, Calif.

The network has been up and running for testing since January.

Friday’s launch was timed to coincide with the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials in Long Beach, which begin July 7 at the recently-named Charter All Digital Aquatic Centre, a 10,000-seat above-ground swim venue.

The network uses a digital-compression system that encodes the entire program lineup and digital-program-insertion system.

The digital-compression system is powered by Harmonic Inc.'s "DiviCom MV 50" variable bit-rate encoders and third-generation "DiviTrackXE" closed-loop statistical-multiplexing system.

Commercial deployment begins July 4, the MSO said.

“The timing of the Olympic Trials, as well as the commercial launch of Charter's first all-digital network, couldn't have worked out any better," CEO Carl Vogel said in a prepared statement.

“As the first city in America to boast an all-digital network, Long Beach will be the hub of technological and athletic convergence this summer,” he added.