Charter Looks Through Gateway


Charter Communications Inc.'s high-speed cable-modem service now has a new
entrance to consumers in a deal with computer maker Gateway Inc.

Under the arrangement, the MSO will market its 'Charter Pipeline' cable-modem
service in 30 Gateway stores nationwide.

As part of the promotion, customers who sign up for service will receive a
free cable modem and free installation.

Customers will also be offered three months of Charter Pipeline service for
$19.95 per month, with each market determining to which tier that applies.

Charter Pipeline offers three tiers, starting with a 256-kilobit-per second
connection generally priced at $29.95, although that varies in some markets.

It also offers a midrange $39.95 package with downstream speeds of 512 kbps
to 768 kbps, depending on network capability, and a $74.95 package offering 1
megabit per second to 1.5 mbps, again depending on network capacity. Prices for
those tiers also vary by market.

Gateway has also signed promotional deals with AT&T Broadband, Comcast
Corp. and Adelphia Communications Corp.

'This agreement makes it easy for customers to order high-speed cable-modem
service at the same time they're buying a new Gateway personal computer,' said
Steve Frank, director of retail for Charter.

'Most consumers want a personal computer so they can go to the Internet, and
there's no better or faster way to go online than with cable-modem service,'
Frank added. 'We want to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for
customers to bundle Charter Pipeline service with a new Gateway personal
computer right at the time they're buying that computer.'