Charter Loses in Reno

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Charter Communications Inc.’s bid for a 15-year cable franchise in Reno, Nev., was turned down, AP reported Friday.

The Reno Citizens Cable Compliance Committee wants the deal to be limited to eight years, AP added.

Reno Councilman Dave Aiazzi sided with Charter, saying that a longer deal would mean more money for the city’s coffers. "I would like to sign something less than 15 years, but we got more money to sign 15 years," he told AP.

Under the new agreement, the city would receive $2.8 million in grant money from the MSO for video and broadcast equipment, five free public-access channels and an annual franchise fee of about $1.2 million, AP reported.

The deal also includes the ability to broadcast live from seven locations around the city and a 20% discount on basic-cable rates for disabled customers and low-income senior citizens.

The Reno City Council is scheduled to consider the proposed franchise agreement Wednesday.