Charter, MSN Hook Up on the Net

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Charter Communications Inc. signed a deal yesterday with Microsoft Corp. that
will bring MSN content and services to Charter
Pipeline subscribers this month.

It's the first deal between the nation's second-largest Internet-service
provider - MSN, with 6.5 million subscribers -- and an MSO.

By next year, MSN's Hotmail service and a specialized version of MSN Explorer
tailored for Charter's 500,000 broadband subscribers will be available.

'This version of MSN Explorer will provide our customers easy access to
streaming media, games and communications services that leverage Charter's
broadband network and customer care,' said Stephen Silva, senior vice president
of corporate development and technology for Charter.

Silva added that the MSN Explorer design provides screen space for Charter,
links to programmers and other products like interactive-TV services.

'This is critical to fulfill our vision of a whole-house service customized
to an individual's needs within the home,' he said. Besides electronic mail, the
customized portal will include MSN Messenger, chat and buddy