Charter Places 100K ‘Moxi’ Order


Charter Communications Inc. is going for the "Moxi" for its advanced
digital-services platform, ordering 100,000 of the multifunction, multimedia
gateways created by sister company Digeo Inc. and built by Motorola Inc.

Charter will deploy the Moxi interactive-TV boxes with HDTV and
digital-video-recorder capabilities in Rochester, Minn., starting sometime in
the fourth quarter. It is a the first deployment for Digeo’s "Moxi Media Center"
design, which Motorola has built into its "Broadband Media Center 9012" and "BMC

Charter has been testing the boxes in St. Louis with a couple of hundred
users, including its employees and number of subscribers. But Rochester was
selected as the first market based on several factors, including the fact it was
a smaller market and based on its demographics.

The Moxi rollout will mark the inauguration of HD and video-on-demand service
in Rochester, "and that’s one of the other reasons why we chose Rochester --
because it was a market where we could introduce several products at the same
time," said Kip Simonson, Charter’s vice president of sales and marketing.

About 80% of Charter’s order will be the BMC 9012, a more basic unit aimed
for a single television set. Based on a Linux operating system, it features HD
video, a dual-tuner DVR, an 80-megabyte hard drive, a Moxi interactive
programming guide and middleware and a slew of software provided by third-party

The remainder of the order will be for the BMC 9022D, which adds a DVD player
to the design and can be configured to ship video to two TV sets simultaneously.
The second set will have a Media Center extension box linked back to the BMC
9022D using existing in-home coaxial cable.