Charter Slashes Prices on Triple-Play for New Customers


Charter Communications introduced a triple-play offer across its service area that analysts are calling the most aggressive offer in the marketplace: $69.97 a month based on a one-year commitment.

The cable TV operator began promoting the offer Nov. 22. The pricing is available to new customers only. Anyone who has bought digital TV, Internet services or telephony from Charter within the last 30 days is not eligible.

Consumers who buy through third-party marketers can get further inducements. For example, is touting $150 in rebates. That is $50 in cash back per product if the new consumer keeps connected for at least 30 days.

“We suspect Charter has no intentions of negatively impacting triple-play realized (average revenue per unit) of $125-plus through this marketing offer, rather they simply believe it is a way to drive incoming call volume (particularly as the competitive noise from satellite and to a lesser degree regional Bell operating companies) grows,” Pali Capital analyst Rich Greenfield wrote in a research note about the Charter pricing strategy.