Chase Charts Terayon's Silo Selections


Jerry Chase hopes to draw on his background at Thales Broadcast and Multimedia to widen Terayon Communications Systems Inc.'s client base into more vertical markets, while supplying triple-play products to cable.

“We really want to have all the pieces of the [video, voice and data] silo,” he said after all of one week as CEO of Terayon, which is traditionally known for its CherryPicker line of digital-video products and its data products, including cable modems.

Chase joined Terayon from Thales, where he was chairman and CEO of the Paris-based equipment provider for Moving Picture Experts Group and Internet-protocol video over digital subscriber line networks.

Prior to leading Thales, Chase held management positions at both General Instrument Corp. and Scientific-Atlanta Inc.

“We were never in a position to dominate traditional delivery mechanisms which were over-served by others,” Chase said of his time at Thales, “but we figured out we were good at IP and video.”

In the face of the added challenge of maintaining video quality across transport gateways, the company developed efficient encoding methods for bandwidth-constrained systems, he said.

“We developed a platform, and launched an IP-based ITV service with France Telecom,” he said.

It's that background Chase hopes to draw upon as he navigates Terayon through video-, voice- and data-equipment development.

“I'm pretty interested in cable, clearly,” he said. (Terayon said it's the No. 3 global supplier of cable modems.) “But it's also very interesting to think about the other verticals.

“The video piece of Terayon got me aware of Terayon. It has double-digit growth and we anticipate that will continue.

“Cable is very important, but we can expand across to broadcast, satellite, mobile and homeland security, because our technology spans across the architectures,” he said.

Added Chase: “The video piece is one of the better products Terayon has that no one knows about. On the video side, no matter how much bandwidth you give people, they want more.”