Chung Still Trailing O'Reilly


Cable News Network's Connie Chung Tonight averaged a 0.8 rating, or
664,000 homes, during the first four days of its premiere week, according to
Nielsen Media Research -- far behind rival Fox News Channel.

The new, heavily promoted Chung show debuted Monday with a 0.9 rating, or
750,000 homes, and then dropped to a 0.6, or 487,000 homes, Wednesday. But
Thursday, the new 8 p.m. show kicked back up to a 0.9, or 818,000 homes.

The 0.9 four-day average rating was an improvement over CNN's numbers in the
8 p.m. time slot the week before Chung's show debuted. That week, June 17
through 21, CNN averaged a 0.7 rating, or 581,000 homes.

However, Chung was way behind Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor. From
Monday to Thursday, O'Reilly averaged a 1.8 rating, or 1.5 million homes. The
Fox News show posted a 2.0 rating, or 1.6 million homes, Monday, but slid down
to a 1.5 rating, or 1.2 million homes, Thursday.