CIC Bolsters Learning Via Enhanced Web Site

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Cable in the Classroom today unveiled its revamped Web site (

CIC officials said the site responds to teacher and family requests for:

  • a place where they can visit again and again to create compelling
  • an array of programming and online materials that are educationally
  • connections to educators' best ideas and
  • an easy-to-navigate library of rich content that can be tied to standards.

Along those lines, the online resource now includes a number of elements that
teachers can use to create original, multimedia lesson plans.

Moreover, visitors to the site can click once to find a schedule of video
resources, many of which are copyright cleared and commercial-free, theirs to
tape and use.

'The new site provides our local cable company members with an important tool
for informing their school communities, parents and other caregivers about the
tremendous resources they bring to their communities,' executive director Peggy
O'Brien said in a statement. 'It was created to help educators, and others
interested in teaching and learning, experience the educational power of our
network members' video and online content and cable's broadband technology.'