CIC Heads ‘Windward’ on Net


Cable in the Classroom is charting a course on the virtual high seas to help middle-schoolers learn real-world science skills.

“Windward: Outsmart the Weather in a Race Around the World” pits players’ navigational wits against such challenges as tricky currents and developing hurricanes and thunderstorms.

Created by CIC in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Discovery Education, and The Weather Channel, the game not only targets middle-school science students, but it is meant for adults and children to play together, at school, at home, or in other learning environments.

Players enter a ZIP code before commencing the journey, which brands their entire session with the logo of their local cable company. Operators are being supplied with online marketing materials to promote the game.

To augment the Windward learning experience, players have access to a multimedia resource library full of materials about sailing, weather, and navigation, including video clips, graphs, historical essays on past circumnavigation attempts and nautical music and literature.

“Windward is the kind of motivating, interactive digital-learning experience that demonstrates how great content and broadband technology can support learning,” CIC executive director Helen Soulé said in a prepared statement. “We hope local cable companies will use this new game to showcase to their customers and their local education communities the opportunities technology offers to enrich the whole learning experience in and out of classrooms.”