CIC Seeks RFPs for Tech Demos


Cable in the Classroom issued a request for proposals from cable operators
and programmers Wednesday, seeking ideas for one-year projects to help
demonstrate to educators the ways cable technology and content can impact

CIC will accept proposals through July 31. A committee of cable executives
and educators will make its selection by mid-September.

CIC plans to fund two projects beginning later this year, providing money to
cover such expenses as travel, professional development, meetings among project
partners and teacher training. The nonprofit group will also fund and manage a
research-and-evaluation component for each project in an effort to produce
publishable findings.

'We're looking for projects where cable and education partners will work
together to demonstrate the unique teaching potential and learning power of
combining cutting-edge technology with cable content resources,' executive
director Peggy O'Brien said in a press release.

'We're striving to spearhead the formation of educationally rich
demonstration projects,' she added. 'The education community is as anxious as we
are to show evidence of technology's impact and eager to work with the cable
industry to make it happen.'

More information on the RFPs, including criteria by which the proposals will
be evaluated, is located at