Cincinnati-Gains at Home & Garden TV and the Food Network helped pump up E.W. Scripps Co.'s revenue by 9 percent and cash flow by 10 percent in the first quarter.

Home & Garden TV had the biggest gains-revenue rose 54 percent to $51 million and cash flow nearly tripled to $15.3 million. At Food, revenue rose by 60 percent to $22.2 million and cash flow rose 16 percent to $3 million.

HGTV increased its subscriber base by 1.5 million in the quarter, to 60 million. Food boosted its domestic subscribers by 2.2 million in the period, to 46.4 million.

Startup costs for the Do It Yourself Network (DIY) rose to $2 million in the quarter, versus $300,000 in the same period a year. DIY launched on Sept. 30.