Circuit City Ups Its DTV Transition Presence


Retail electronics chain Circuit City is amping its DTV outreach campaign with a dial-in number for information, a contact point that will allow consumers to redeem those federal $40 analog-to-digital coupons over the phone.

The retailer said the contact center will also review change-over options with consumers, including upgrading to a digital television or signing up for cable or satellite service.

Circuit City has also created a special information section at its Web site, to help consumers with questions about the digital transition of Feb. 17, 2009.

Brian S. Bradley, senior vice president,  multichannel for Circuit City, said the phone center will be an important new sales channel for the company, especially for viewers in rural areas and for consumers that can't travel to the company's traditional retail locations. 

The DTV help line is 888-280-9382.