Cisco Gains Belated DOCSIS Nod


Nearly one month after the last Cable Television Laboratories Inc. DOCSIS
1.1-certification results were released, you can add another name to the

Cisco Systems Inc.'s 'uBR7246VXR' cable-modem-termination system has been
added to the DOCSIS 1.1-qualified list, along with units from Arris Interactive
LLC and Cadant Inc.

Cisco's unit is also is the first combined CMTS and router to gain the

The delay had to do with some anomalies that cropped up during testing,
according to John Mattsen, Cisco's director of marketing for the cable-broadband

'We just needed to do a little more work with CableLabs to demonstrate that
those were anomalies and not any reason to not pass the qualification,' he said.
'So once that happened, it was passed.'

Cisco's 'uBR7200' series CMTS units are deployed worldwide and are
software-upgradable to DOCSIS 1.1.

While the exact number of units already deployed has not been released, the
uBR7200s worldwide provide 250,000 upstream ports for high-speed Internet
access. Each port can support roughly 500 homes.

For those customers, including all of the top U.S. MSOs, the qualification
means access to a DOCSIS 1.1 platform.

'It is basically the workhorse of the industry,' Mattson said. 'This is the
unit that is deployed in cable operators all over the place, and it has the
largest install base of anybody. So it is a software upgrade for all of the
people who have deployed it.'

He added that Cisco provides such software upgrades to customers routinely,
so 'it's no more of a problem than any other release, which is generally not a
big problem.'