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Network Router: An Integrated Services Approach

The network router is quickly evolving from a device dedicated to connecting disparate networks to an integrated services device capable of multiple functions beyond routing. Cisco customers are increasingly deploying integrated services routers, or sophisticated network routers that can deliver voice, video, data and Internet access, wireless, and other applications.

Benefits of the Integrated Services Network Router

Growing companies, especially those opening new offices, can take advantage of integrated network router solutions that are highly secure, flexible, and built to be compatible with future technologies.

  • One Device, Multiple Functions: An integrated services network router enables organizations to take advantage of numerous built-in technologies such as voice, wireless, and advanced security systems while ensuring the quality of service (QoS) prioritization their network applications demand. Because the network services are built in or can be easily added to the integrated services network router, companies can install one sophisticated device rather than purchase separate products to provide each individual function.
  • Same Access at Headquarters and Remote Sites: An integrated services network router gives all workers—even those at branch offices or remote sites such as a home or hotel room—the same access to business applications, unified communications, and videoconferencing. Modular solutions allow you to install the features you need for a particular office, and upgrade equipment when needs change or an office expands.
  • Centralized Management: An integrated services network router approach means technical staff at headquarters can manage the network from a central location. This allows technical departments to allocate resources to priority projects while providing reliable service to employees in all locations.
  • Integrated Network Security: An integrated services network router, with its systems approach, allows companies to transfer responsibility for security and reliability from individual computers and users to the network itself. This helps protect companies from the influx of viruses, malicious code, and other infections that end users’ laptops might unknowingly acquire.

By installing a complete solution and managing it centrally, companies can protect valuable corporate data using multiple types of protection, such as encryption, firewall filtering, antivirus protection, and intrusion detection and prevention.

Reap the Rewards of a Network Router

From reduced capital and operating expenses to increased productivity, the advantages of integrated services apply regardless of the size of company. A small company with two offices can benefit as much as a company with hundreds of branch offices.