Clark, New SCTE President, Targets 2000


John Clark, freshly installed president of the Society of
Cable Telecommunications Engineers, won't waste any time in developing his mission for the
industry's largest trade organization.

For starters, Clark said, he'll focus on finding the best
way for the industry's technical ranks to shift into the next century.

"As a service organization, we realize that we need to
evolve with the members," Clark said of the SCTE's 14,000 installers, technicians and
executive constituents. "That means maintaining the useful support mechanisms that
are now in place, and also looking at new initiatives for new needs."

Clark said he didn't have specifics yet on what the
"SCTE 2000" initiative will contain, explaining he'll start by examining
membership needs, then will work backwards to align those needs with the SCTE's mission.

"The idea is to align with what the industry's needs
will be, in 2000, as opposed to the past and today," Clark said. "That's the
strategic perspective so far."

Clark, whose expertise is in marketing and management, took
the helm of the SCTE three weeks ago. This week, like many others in the industry, he
heads to the Western Show in Anaheim, Calif., for a dizzying itinerary of meetings with
vendors and MSO technical executives.

He said he's a supporter of the "grass roots"
atmosphere of the SCTE, and views it as a fulcrom to raise the awareness, outside of
technical circles, of the SCTE's progress on several key initiatives.

One of those critical initiatives: standards. As the
industry's only ANSI-accredited (American National Standards Institute) body, the SCTE is
responsible for shepharding cable modem and digital video standards.

"We'll be expanding that effort greatly," Clark