Clarke Second NCTA Exec to Leave

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Washington -- A second senior-level vacancy opened at the
National Cable Television Association last week when Torie Clarke announced she was
leaving her post as vice president of public affairs at the end of the year.

In a statement, Clarke said she will become president of
Bozell/Eskew, a New York-Washington ad agency whose most recent coup was a $40 million
media campaign that helped the tobacco companies fend off settlement legislation in

Bozell/Eskew, which focuses on issue advocacy and corporate
image and positioning, has also done work in the past for the NCTA and the National
Association of Broadcasters.

Clarke joined NCTA in 1993 a year after Congress passed a
cable re-regulation bill and the industry's reputation was at a low. But she helped turn
things around with the on-time service guarantee, free cable modem hookups for schools and
libraries and the critical TV-viewing initiative with the PTA.

"Torie has been my soul mate for five years,"
NCTA president Decker Anstrom said in a statement. "And I'm going to miss her
seemingly infinite energy and creativity, extraordinary leadership and `get-it-done'
commitment enormously.'"

Clarke announced her exit less than a month after June
Travis, NCTA's executive vice president and COO, announced that she will be retiring at
the end of the year after 30 years in the cable business.