Clear Raises Broadband Price

Approximately 10% Boost Is To 'Remain Competitive' and 'Manage Costs,' says company

Sprint, which took over Clearwire in July, cut the "wire" out of its name, but has raised the price of the newly minted Clear's pioneering Wimax broadband service.

A company spokesperson confirmed the rate increase, which some customers noted on their latest bills. It appears to be about 10% -- taxes and fees differ by state, so the percent increase could be slightly more or less.

"Did everyone else just get a price increase?" asked a post on the Web site. "I signed up for Clear one month ago. Today I got an email for a $5/month price increase. Pretty quick! Did everyone else get this increase too, or is this how they treat new folks (get them to switch over, then hike the price once they commit)."

"Everyone did get this increase," said the Sprint spokesman. "We instituted this to remain competitive and manage our costs. Like our competitors, we must respond to customer trends, and provide a good user experience, and as a result we will make adjustments to fees and services from time to time. Our offer is still comparable to other offerings in the marketplace."

Sprint bought out its Clearwire partners in July. They had included Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks.