Clearleap Demos VOD To Connected Blu-Ray Players


Clearleap, which provides a range of cloud-based content management and delivery solutions to cable operators, has partnered with Blu-Ray disc software specialist Related Content Database, Inc. (RCDb) to create a joint solution that will allow pay-TV operators to deliver VOD movies directly to Internet-connected Blu-Ray players without requiring a set-top box.

The two companies demonstrated the system, which combines Clearleap's cloud-based content management and delivery platform with RCDb's Blu-ray disc software, enterprise server and data services, at the CableLabs Summer Conference this week in Keystone, Colo.

To launch the VOD application directly from a cable operator's servers, a consumer would insert the cable operator's Blu-ray disc into a BD-Live player and press start. The Blu-ray disc and service are powered by the RCDb software and the content is then streamed by the Clearleap's TV technology platform, operated on behalf of the cable operator, to the consumer's home.

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