CLEC Heads Meet with Powell


Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell met Tuesday with
the leaders of one-dozen competitive local-exchange carriers in part to address
regulatory changes that might help the ailing sector.

Powell met with the executives for two-and-a-half hours in a wide-ranging
discussion to determine to what extent CLECs' fortunes have changed due to bad
business plans or misguided government regulations, the FCC said.

Among those who attended the session were James Robbins, CEO of Cox
Communications Inc., which uses its cable network to offer switched local phone
service; and Larrisa Herda, chairman of Time Warner Telecom Inc., a
Colorado-based CLEC, the commission added.

'This was an outstanding opportunity for a frank dialogue on various issues
surrounding the central question of what needs to be done for CLECs to fulfill
the goal of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and bring effective competition
to local phone markets,' Powell said in a prepared statement.