Clinton, Giuliani Win ‘Dinner Table’ Poll


Lifetime Networks said women in a survey chose Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani as the most welcomed Thanksgiving guests, thoughtful gift givers and trusted babysitters.

The poll, done for Lifetime’s “Every Woman Counts” public-affairs initiative, found Hillary Clinton and her family (31%) were the most popular dinner guests among Democratic candidates, followed by Barack Obama and his family (19%) and John Edwards and his family (15%). 

Of the Republican candidates, Giuliani and his family (22%) were the most likely to receive invitations to Thanksgiving dinner, followed by John McCain (17%) and Fred Thompson (10%).

About one in five women polled would would prefer to dine with their families alone.

Of the Democratic women polled, 47% want Hillary, Bill and family to be their special guests at dinner. But, Barack, Michelle and his family were the top Democratic choice among Republican women polled (23%).

Women polled said Clinton (31%) would be the best gift giver this holiday season among the Democratic candidates, followed by Edwards (14%) and Obama (11%). Among the Republican candidates, Giuliani is considered the most thoughtful (18%), followed by McCain (13%) and Fred Thompson (8%)

Democratic women polled, found Clinton roughly three times more likely to be thoughtful in her giving (41%) than nearest opponents Obama and Edwards (both at 13%).

Among Republican women polled, frontrunner Giuliani (23%) is considered twice as likely to give a caring gift as his nearest opponent, McCain (12%), and three times more likely than third-place candidate Thompson (7%).

When asked which Democratic candidate one would be most comfortable leaving her kids in the care of while off holiday shopping, the top choice was Clinton (33%), followed by Edwards (18%) and Obama (12%). Giuliani (15%) was tops among Republican candidates, with McCain (14%) and Mitt Romney (11%) close behind.

Women with children under the age of 18 were nearly three times as likely to pick Clinton (41%) than Edwards (16%) and Obama (10%) to watch their kids.

Women with children under the age of 18 were twice as likely to pick Republican candidate Giuliani (22%) over primary opponents McCain (11%) and Romney (10%) as the best sitter.

The Lifetime poll was done by Opinion Research Corporation via telephone among a nationally representative sample of 1,003 women ages 18 and over in the United States and completed during the period Oct. 25-28.