Clinton Leads in Media Polls

Fox, ABC, CBS all have Democrat up by 4% margin

There is a lot of Hillary Clinton blue in the RealClearPolitics chart of Nov. 7 presidential polls conducted by the major broadcast and cable media outlets.

In the four-way race (which includes iIndependent Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein), NBC News/SurveyMonkey has Clinton with a 6 point lead over Republican Donald Trump at 47% to 41% nationally. CBS News has Clinton with a 4 point lead, 45% to 41% for Trump. Fox News Channel also has Clinton up four points at 48% to 44%, as does the ABC/Washington Post poll, with Clinton at 47% and Trump 43%.

"Today we make America great again," Trump Tweeted early Tuesday morning (Nov. 8), while Clinton tweeted, "Let’s go make some history today."