Clip and Save: ’92 Cable Act Could Use ‘Fresh Look’

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WASHINGTON — At last week’s Senate
Commerce Committee confirmation hearing, FCC nominees
Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai
were asked by Sen. Jim DeMint
(R.-S.C.) about the 1992 Cable
Act, which reflects a monopoly
status for video services in most
areas that DeMint said no longer
exists. Cable operators might want
to have the following responses
handy for their first visit to the new
commissioners (if confirmed):

DEMINT: “Do you believe the
laws and regulations that we
currently have regarding video
services should be reassessed
and updated?”

very broad question, but I think
as a general matter there is a
lot in the Communications Act,
including the Cable Act, that is
old and could be benefitted by
taking a fresh look.”

PAI: “I agree with Ms. Rosenworcel.
To give you one example,
the FCC recently released a notice
of proposed rulemaking regarding
retransmission consent and, in it,
it identified a number of factors
where it sought comment on ways
to clarify exactly where the authority
was given that the marketplace
has changed. That is something I
would definitely take a look at if I
were fortunate enough to serve at
the commission.”