‘Clone Wars’ Series Will Debut With Limited Commercials


Cartoon Network’s animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will premiere Friday night with limited commercials and exclusive content from EA and Walden Media within those breaks.

The one-hour debut, from Lucasfilm Animation, is scheduled for Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. (ET).

Starting Sept. 29, Cartoon Network will feature a custom spot for EA’s upcoming game "Simcity Creator" throughout its on-air schedule. Featuring footage from the new game, the spot also encourages viewers to tune-in for the premiere of the show and catch an exclusive game code for “Simcity Creator.” The new EA game allows users to fully construct amazing virtual cities and hire assistants to run each location. Cartoon Network will release the exclusive code during a commercial break within the premiere episode.

To bolster the custom promotion, EA will extend game awareness across Cartoon Network.com through pre-roll videoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the custom online game featured on the Web site. Banner ads will also be featured across the site throughout the promotional period.

Walden Media will use the event to tout the theatrical City of Ember, starring Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, Saoirse Ronan and Harry Treadaway. Cartoon will feature a unique 90-second look at the film during a commercial break within the premiere episode of the series. Cartoon Network will drive awareness through custom promotion the night of the premiere and feature tune-ins for the trailer.

The film, the story of two teenagers and their race against time to uncover the mysteries of an ancient underground city of lights, is due in theaters nationwide Oct. 10.

“We are thrilled to feature both of these entertainment properties as complements to our high profile evening of premiere programming,” said John O’Hara, executive vice president of Cartoon Network and sister network Adult Swim, ad sales and marketing, in a statement. “This is a win-win for our viewers at home who have the opportunity to see exclusive content, and our marketing partners who are exposed to a large co-viewing audience.”