Clyburn: There Has Been Great Interest from Broadcasters in Auctions

FCC Commissioner Emphasizes Incentive Auctions Must Be Voluntary
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In a speech to the Americas Spectrum Management Conference in Washington this week, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn emphasized that the FCC's upcoming incentive auctions are going to be voluntary, but also suggested there were some volunteers in the wings.

"[T]o me, the most important aspect of this auction is that it is voluntary. That means TV broadcasters may, if it is in their interests, choose to submit bids to give up their spectrum rights in exchange for payment...While we don't know exactly how much spectrum incentive auctions will free up, there has been great interest generated from broadcasters and wireless service providers," she said.

Asked to clarify what the commissioner meant by "great interest" -- the National Association of Broadcasters says it has seen no rush by its members to cash out -- an aide said she meant both that the office had been hearing from broadcasters, including the National Association of Broadcasters, complaining as part of a public relations strategy prior to the statute being enacted. But her office also said she meant that she had heard from some folks who are carefully examining whether there are financial incentives to participate.

There have also already been a series of webinars on the auctions that her office estimated included participation by as many as 800 broadcasters. Broadcasters will also be looking for more info on the auctions Friday (Oct. 26) at the FCC's first incentive auction workshop.