CMC To Roll Out HITS Broadband


Comcast Media Center is launching a service called HITS Broadband, which will offer Internet Protocol connectivity to cable operators by letting them use Comcast terrestrial fiber, officials said Friday.

“By tapping into Comcast’s terrestrial fiber-capabilities, the CMC can provide a cost effective alternative to cable MSOs for addressing their IP connectivity needs,” CMC chief operating officer Gary Traver said in a statement. “This is becoming increasingly important as the industry moves toward an IP-based operating environment.”

In addition to providing cable systems with an effective alternative for IP connectivity, HITS Broadband will give cable companies the ability to launch additional advanced services that will be supported by the CMC.

In conjunction with its industry partners, CMC is expanding its services to support the deployment of IP-based applications, including those that will ride on the tru2way platform.

Much in the same way that HITS minimizes the headend equipment and on-site technical support required for launching digital video, the enhancements to the CMC’s centralized services will allow HITS Quantum affiliates to shift much of the investment required for managing advanced applications to the CMC’s centralized solution.

HITS Broadband is one of several developments that the CMC is announcing in conjunction with the National Cable Television Cooperative’s Winter Education Conference, which will be held in Phoenix next Monday and Tuesday. Some 300 NCTC members have registered for the confab.

The CMC is also expected to announce several new products and enhancements to its existing services.