CMC, ThePlatform Keep Nielsen's Audio Watermarks In Online Video


In a move that could further the goals of "TV Everywhere" initiatives, Comcast Media Center and Comcast's thePlatform subsidiary announced that they have worked with Nielsen to validate that their online-video publishing solutions preserve Nielsen's audio watermarks.

The Nielsen ratings system uses the audio watermarks to measure audience viewing for TV programming and commercials. By August 2010, the company hopes to be able to measure Internet activity among a subset of its National People Meter panel, to provide a "single source" measurement for both television and online consumption of video content.

ThePlatform's mpx video-management and publishing system will let networks distribute their content online in a way that Nielsen can measure.

"The combined capabilities of thePlatform and the CMC represent a fast, seamless and effective means for television networks and their advertisers to measure the 'TV Everywhere' audience, which continues to grow as a result of consumer demand for shows they can watch both when and where they wish," CMC chief operating officer Gary Traver said in a statement.

ThePlatform CEO Ian Blaine commented, "Media companies are now wholeheartedly embracing multi-platform video distribution, and they want to make sure that their viewers are counted in the C3 ratings. Confirmation that the Nielsen watermarks flow through the CMC process is a critical step to realizing this cross-platform goal."