CMR: TV, Cable Down $70M on 9/11


With a number of services featuring largely ad-free lineups, the
broadcast-television and cable industries saw their combined advertising
revenues decline by almost $70 million in marking the anniversary of the Sept.
11 terrorist tragedies, according to CMR.

The combined $57.8 million in ad sales for network and spot TV and network
cable on that date was down 54.6 percent from the usual ad-revenue total of
$127.5 million, according to CMR.

CMR -- the Taylor Nelson Sofres unit formerly known as Competitive Media
Reporting -- estimated that the broadcast-TV networks alone tallied nearly $21.2
million Sept. 11, down 57.3 percent from their usual daily take, while spot TV
sales fell 57 percent to about the same total.

Basic-cable networks amassed $15.4 million on that date, down nearly 46
percent, CMR added.

Meanwhile, the overall number of public-service announcements soared 122
percent to 21,594, according to CMR.