CN8 to Call Out Bill Cosby


CN8, The Comcast Network will air The Bill Cosby Call Out Friday, July 7 at 9 p.m. (EST).

The one-hour special on the Comcast-owned service will unveil Cosby's remarks and stories from his May 16 stop in Washington, D.C., on his nationwide "A Call Out with Bill Cosby" tour.

CN8 news anchor Arthur Fennell -- who moderated the event's live panel, featuring D.C. Police chief Charles Ramsey, community activists, parents of murdered children, a medical examiner and “ordinary citizens who are now trying to make a positive difference” -- will host the broadcast.

The network said it will stream The Bill Cosby Call Out on its Web site ( while the broadcast airs, and it will be available for viewing via Comcast Digital Cable's "On Demand" service for 20 days after its initial broadcast.