CN8 Elects To Provide Comprehensive Political Coverage


Beginning with its coverage of the Iowa Caucuses, CN8, The Comcast Network will roll out its most expansive election coverage to date.

Under the heading of “America’s Next President,” the regional news service plans to embark on a year-long journey aspiring to provide its viewers with an inside and comprehensive look at the candidates and issues on the national, state and local levels relevant to the network’s 9 million viewers.

CN8’s exclusive programming will be made available online at and to Comcast Cable systems nationwide via the operator’s on-demand platform. Moreover, CN8 and Comcast, after providing more than 500 interviews covering 350 races accessible on-demand in 2006, will again produce hundreds of "Candidates On Demand" segments, delivering in-depth candidate interviews that customers can watch at any time at no additional charge.

CN8’s election coverage kicks off in Iowa, Jan. 3 at 9 p.m., before the network follows the campaign trail with live broadcasts and analysis from all major events leading up to the presidential election, including the New Hampshire Primary; Super Tuesday; the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention; Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates; Election Night; and Inauguration.

The network will also cover the primaries in each of the states in its viewership area. Event coverage will initiate from the network’s Philadelphia headquarters with on-site reporters and a live panel of analysts reacting to breaking news and key issues from across CN8’s six state-of-the-art studios along the East Coast and its dozens of remote studio locations and mobile broadcast trucks.  

CN8 political director Lynn Doyle will lead the service’s “America’s Next President” initiative, assisted by Robert Traynham, CN8’s new Washington bureau chief and former political communications strategist; Larry Kane, a seasoned broadcast journalist who has covered 21 political conventions and hundreds of major national events; and Art Fennell, a 20-year news veteran and former president of the National Association of Black Journalists

“Political coverage has been a hallmark of CN8 since its inception in 1996, and the 2008 elections promise to be one of the most compelling political events in our nation’s history,” said Michael Doyle, president of Comcast Cable Eastern Division and CN8 founder in a statement. “CN8 will provide the highest standards of political coverage, designed to educate and inform our viewers in a meaningful way that will be relevant to their lives, their communities and their country.”