CN8’s Brand Manager


Melissa Kennedy, 38


Melissa Kennedy has spent the last seven years personalizing the Comcast brand.

A two-time Emmy Award winner, the Comcast vice president of marketing communications is charged with overseeing all aspects of brand management for Comcast’s regional network CN8. That includes leading an awareness campaign surrounding more than 90 hours per week of exclusive programming from six network studios in Baltimore, Boston, Delaware, New York, Philadelphia and, most recently, Washington D.C.

“CN8 is successfully filling a void for intelligent, relevant programming that is national in scope but local in impact,” said Kennedy. “CN8 showcases what’s important to our viewers’ daily lives, from the hyper-local events like high school games to comprehensive coverage of the nation’s leading political events. We have complemented this programming model with Comcast Cable’s digital platform to provide exclusive information and entertainment also available on demand.”

A natural communicator, Kennedy got her start in politics working for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and former vice president Dan Quayle, among others.

She parlayed that experience into special projects for Comcast, including successful branding campaigns at the 2000 National Republican Convention, the 2001 National Basketball Association All-Star Game and ESPN’s 2001 and 2002 Summer X Games. More recently, Kennedy oversaw the CN8 relaunch in Washington D.C., complete with expansion to more than 9 million households and a new studio. She continues to develop campaigns for sports, personal finance and entertainment.